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Connect! Avoid surprise fees! Win!


Use FeeBelly your “Fees and Costs Finder” to help you spot all hidden fees, costly terms and important details in any document including Agreements, Contracts and Financial documents, fast.

Launched by FineprintF Technologies in 2017, out of Founder’s frustrations with out of control hidden fees, to help users instantly see all costly fees, terms and details before they SIGN, PAY, BUY, SELL, RENT or LEASE anything and engage sellers on excess out of pocket cost on the spot.

Stay Peace-of-Mind Happy with FeeBelly on all platforms(mobile and webApp) so you don’t pay anymore than you should in all your purchasing experiences.

Our free, monthly, annual, and one-time run options gives you the flexibility to Stay guarded. We are always working on innovative, practical and constructive ways to save our FeeBelly users more time and money.

When you use FeeBelly, you gain an ally in the fight for transparency in consumer shopping and purchases. ReadCheck any document with FeeBelly. Because More Fees $ucks!!!

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