How do I import a PDF file into FeeBelly?

Login to the app and open a PDF file in your email system. Tap on the “Share with” icon at the bottom of page to import the PDF file in to the app using “Import with FeeBelly” button. Name the document, select document type, select or deselect keywords and start processing document.

What is the “Restore” button?

The “Restore” button is used to refresh “Premium”  privileges for paid subscribers in case this privilege is temporarily lost. Tap on the “Restore” button found in the main menu under “Purchase Full Version” to regain full premium privileges.

When do I take photos of documents?

There are two ways to take photos of documents in FeeBelly: “Add pages” to a previously scanned document for additional processing, or to a new document to be processed for the first time. If the document is more than 5 pages, it is best to send a PDF file of the document to the app.

How do I select, deselect, or highlight keywords?

By default, all keywords are selected in red once you choose your document type. Users have the ability to deselect keywords by tapping keyword check icon on the far right to change the color to gray. If users go with default keywords, they have the ability to highlight which keywords are relevant to them, and after processing the document with results, by tapping check icon (far right) to change to gray – which will be indicated in results page the number of keywords highlighted. ex. “4 keywords flagged | 2 Highlighted”

What is done with the results from FeeBelly?

FeeBelly results give users advance knowledge of consent to:

  1. Ask the seller to waiver hidden fee or terms if the seller wants your business.
  2. Renegotiate hidden terms or costly details with a seller to reduce the cost to you.
  3. Checkout what the competition has on hidden fees or terms to compare and contrast.