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2) See all costly hidden fees & details.

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No need for Printer/Scanner machines to Scan and email signed paper documents anymore….Use FeeBellyX to quickly “Take Photo” or “Scan” hard paper copies or “Upload PDF or IMG file” into app then fill and sign pages using fingers instantly. It's PRACTICAL, RELIABLE and SECURE.


Let FeeBellyX help you:

REVIEW document to avoid paying more.

FILL out document flawlessly using finger.

SIGN happy with confidence.


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Install free app, tap "ScanCheck&Sign" process any document to “Live Check” hidden fees, costly terms and other important details. Add text, Checkmarks and eSign document using finger then Text, Email, Print or Save to file. Use iPhone 3D to convert non-PDF files and pull file into FeeBellyX thereafter. Yes it's easier and faster like noneother.


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